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ϟ Do The Right Thing – Watch Online

By in Films 13 September 2009

The timing couldn’t be better. A good weekend deserves a good movie, so here you go:

One of Spike Lee’s best movies, “Do The Right Thing”. I remember I was about 10 when I watched this film. I used to stare at the TV waiting for them to broadcast it so I could record it on my VCR… eventually I did haha. (for those you don’t know, Mookie is Spike Lee).

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09 September 2009

qe pedo con esas fotos? tu las diseniaste o qe pedo.. o son el disenio promocional de la pelicula??


10 September 2009

can’t wait to see this movie! when u were 10? is’t that old?!! damn!! “P


19 September 2009

eii que perro que subes movies (:
tu blog es muy raro en el buen sentido,
tardé variooos minutos en entederlo!
but it’s Ok! (;
kiss kiss
Bang Bang


11 October 2009

Que ondas “rarito” jejejeje buen blog compa, esta chilo, y el colorcito lilongo moradon jajajjajaj felicidades compita, carne carne salad

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23 October 2009

I don’t think i enjoyed that movie that much….. I had watched it on TV…. keep posting. Will be visiting back soon.

You too