Rx Bandits – …And The Battle Begun

ϟ Rx Bandits – …And The Battle Begun

By in Hear These 11 September 2009

Rx Bandits - ...And The Battle BegunArtist: Rx Bandits
Album: …And The Battle Begun
Year: 2006
1 Untitled
2 …And the Battle Begun
3 In Her Drawer
4 Only for the Night
5 On a Lonely Screen
6 1980
7 One Million Miles an Hour, Fast Asleep
8 Apparition
9 A Mouth Full of Hollow Threats
10 Epoxi-lips
11 Tainted Wheat
12 To Our Unborn Daughters
13 Crushing Destroyer

Another classic for me. I keep listening to this band and it just never get old. They’ve just released a new album this year called MANDALA. I’m still digesting it. Later I’ll upload 2 more albums by them. Old ones. Classic ones.

Some Bio by Last.fm:
Rx Bandits is a four-member band based in Seal Beach, California. Their musical style is an eclectic mix of progressive rock, ska, alternative, and reggae deemed groove tech by the band.

The band started out amid other popular southern California ska-influenced acts such as Reel Big Fish and No Doubt. Of the original line-up, only singer/songwriter Matt Embree and drummer Chris Tsagakis remain. Their first two releases were recorded with bassist James Salomone and trombonist Rich Balling. Upon signing to Drive-Thru Records, the band released the album Halfway Between Here and There, a straightforward third-wave ska effort, though lyrics in songs such as “Gun In Your Hand” hinted towards the political leanings which would be evident in their subsequent releases.

They are notable for their strong political views, which they share with fans through periodic website posts. Read full bio.

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17 September 2009

Este disco es muy impresionante, como para escucharse de principio a fin, me gusta un montón gracias natura.

You too