Rx Bandits – Mandala

ϟ Rx Bandits – Mandala

By in Hear These 11 September 2009

Rx Bandits - Mandala

Artist: Rx Bandits
Album: Mandala
Year: 2009
1 My Lonesome Only Friend – 4:03
2 It’s Only Another Parsec… – 4:44
3 Hope is a Butterfly, No Net Its Captor, She Beats Her Wings and Softly Sings of Summer Scent and Childrens Laughter (Virus of Silence) – 4:23
4 Hearts That Hanker for Mistake – 4:31
5 Mientras la Veo Soñar – 6:36
6 March of the Caterpillar – 4:12
7 White Lies – 4:30
8 Bury It Down Low – 3:33
9 Breakfast Cat5:16
10 Bled to be Free (The Operation) – 4:37
11 Bring Our Children Home or Everything is Nothing – 6:19

I am still tasting this one out…

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12 September 2009

pajaras todas


20 September 2009

heyy.. si sube las películas!! esas qe me mencionas no las he visto y la de ponyo estoy en proceso de verlaa HAHA

ya me aventé tu película de niggas, esta chililla.. ;D

…y, amiga de césar?, si te refieres a César attack solo por fcbk, ya qe tu blog llegó a mí por un tal Rocha amigo mío!
es todoo (;
another kiss and Bang

You too