Trip to Japan 2005

ϟ Trip to Japan 2005

By in Happenings & Conceivings 05 October 2009

Himeji Castle patio.

Oota Yuki & Saigenji concert at Cafe Spuma. She sat on my table! ❤ lucky foreigner.

Me and ma' friend Kalmer from Estonia, at Gaspanic Bar. I don't remember how I got back home.

The Pebbles rocking the billy. Lovely girls. What a night that was.

Chabe (Cubismo Grafico) and TGMX (Scafull King) at Cubismo Grafico 5 concert at Shinjuku Loft. WTF they invited me backstage. Lucky foreigner...again.

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16 November 2009

wep! que no habias perdido esas fotos..???

Heb Mtz

24 November 2009

Coincido con eu*


20 March 2012


You too