This Blog Explained

Hello, welcome to my blog!
My name is Geovanni, aka naturadamus I am a 28 year old Freelance Graphic Designer living in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México at the moment. Currently I am studying a Masters Degree in E-Commerce at the Tecnológico de Monterrey’s Virtual University. I have been web designing for a few years now, although, I am new to WordPress that is why I designed this blog based on the BusyBee theme by Woo Themes, just until I get around the WordPress thing.

Mad credits to el feto, aka, aka Ivan Mayorquín for donating the header illustration. Go see his work, pure awesomeness.

Basically I made this blog to showcase my work, and share things I like. If you wish to contact me for further information or hire me for a project, send me an email to .

So let me explain the categories of this blog pretty quick:

• Happennings & Conceivings: This is dedicated to everyday random stuff like travels, events, things I want to say, things I eat, whatever.

• Hear These: Frequently I am posting full albums here so you can listen right away. These albums are either a classic for me (an album that I havee been listening for years and never gets old) or albums I feel they are not receiving the appreciation they deserve. I am not sharing the albums’ mp3 files, and in fact, the audio quality is bad. If you like these bands, buy their records and listen to them as they should sound. By the way I believe “piracy” is when you make a profit out of other people’s work, not necessarily sharing it. For me this is support, promotion, street teaming.

• Learn & Teach: Here I post things I have learned which I can share. They may range from tutorials, to suggestions on how to go from point A to point B.

• Portfolio: Do I need to explain this?

Destroy It!: In this category I am posting work in progress. Working as a freelance designer can limit your ideas sometimes as opposed to working in a team. So help me out, give suggestions, diss my work, whatever.

My Design: Portfolio section for my work on logos, illustration, editorial, typography, etcetera.

My Photos: Portfolio section for more or less “pro” photos I take.

My Web & Multimedia: Portafolio section for my work on web design and multimedia projects.

• Watch These: Inspirational things I find here and there, so why not tell you about them.

Design: The work of illustrators, typographers, industrial designers, or artists in general that you have to see.

Films: As in the Hear These section, I post full movies I consider to be classic or awesome movies not getting the appreciation they deserve. Watch the full movie right here, online. And again, I believe “piracy” is when you make a profit out of other people’s work, not necessarily sharing it. For me this is support, promotion, street teaming.

Photography: Galleries of amazingly talented photographers and beautiful places around the world.

Videos: Showcase of pleasant videos and animation.

Web & Multimedia: Compilation of wonderful web sites and multimedia stuff you have to experience. They indeed flip your mind.